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Graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Paris XII located in Créteil (94), throughout my schooling I had to work on mathematics.
A former student with difficulty in mathematics, I teach it today thanks to a private teacher who was able to help me as much as I needed. The aim of the help in this subject is to give the student confidence so that he can relearn mathematics in a simple way.
As I progressed in mathematics, and witnessed my students struggling when I taught math, I was able to find methods that allowed rapid progress in the subject.
I personally never allowed my students to learn their math lesson. I think that nothing beats practice and understanding why you apply it to get there and make it come naturally.

I started teaching mathematics after my baccalaureate in Sucy en Brie (94), to help my friends who were having difficulties. Then the demand increased over time, so much so that during my classroom teaching experiences, I always continued to coach my students in private lessons.

I taught in Family and Rural Homes in the Landes, for 6 and a half years, which have a very developed social and educational aspect. Thus, the bond was strong with the students to be able to help them more easily.
During this time, I continued my private lessons and also taught in different private high schools or exam preparation centers (IFSI in Mont de Marsan, Private hairdressing school in Dax).

Following this, in 2018, I had the opportunity to work abroad.
After 4 years spent in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Tenerife teaching in French high schools, I decided, faced with strong demand, to launch myself 100% as an independent private lesson teacher.

In addition to mathematics, I also teach physics, chemistry and biology.
I teach mainly secondary school students but also post-baccalaureate students.

About the course
I suggest you learn and enjoy math, without having to learn your lessons, but only with regular practice.
But be careful, it won't be for everyone.
To do this, you will need total involvement, and that you follow my instructions carefully. This is not a complicated method, but one that requires a certain process.
I know well the problem you are going through with your difficulties in math, because I myself was a struggling student. I repeated my second year because of math, and started my final year very badly because of math. I was lucky enough to benefit from the help of a private maths teacher who unblocked me, so much so that today, I teach maths all week in front of students.
I know what you go through when you give a lot of yourself and end up with a bad one.
This is completely normal and what can happen in the end. Repetition ? The mockeries ? A bad reputation with your teachers?
Repetition is not always a good solution. Despite everything, it can allow you to get back on track, but you lose a year.
Taking a student may allow you to pay less, but will not allow you to benefit from multiple years of experience in helping students in difficulty.
Taking private lessons in a class with other students is also not the best solution when you have difficulties, because the teacher is not 100% with you.
This is why I offer you individual lessons with an independent, freelance teacher who is experienced in the field of academic difficulty in math. I was able to experience these problems both because I was first concerned in high school, but also thanks to my professional experiences with students in class.
My method works because I apply exactly the one that was taught to me when I was 17/18 years old and passing my baccalaureate. From the start of the year at 4, I went up to 16 at the end of the year. It was a lot of work, method and organization but it worked.
In addition, since I started teaching in class and individually, I have supported the equivalent of several hundred students and all the students in private lessons have exceeded the average in the baccalaureate.
The problem is that if you do it alone, you will be lost because you are not accompanied by someone experienced in the right method. In addition, if you are in difficulty, you probably lack self-confidence and you need today, beyond methods, a good coach who will help you flourish.
After 14 years of continuous private lessons, none of my students performed below average in math at the baccalaureate. Some have sometimes failed the baccalaureate but never because of the subjects I taught them.
Today, with a good reputation, I have the opportunity to practice this profession

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